Read my stories for young children that are available free here. Quick guide to the stories: Give little ones the chance to show off their knowledge of animal noises with 'Monkey Moo'. 'Desperate Dogs'  is for all of us who are opposed to boring Sunday afternoons. The 'Witch's Sweetshop' is a longer story in chapters, which is specially written for beginner readers to try their skills. 

Have you ever wondered what kind of dinosaur you'd have been if you had been born in the Mesozoic era? Well, now you can find out: try the What Dinosaur Are You? game on the Natural History Museum's website for children. The dinosaur images were drawn by me. It's a stalwart of the NHM kids' site - have a go! When you've done it, email or Tweet me @DeborahFajerman to let me know what dinosaur you are!

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